The following is the solution to our Dragon Clash trivia. If you want to puzzle out the trivia for yourself, turn back now! Still here? Let's solve it!

Your Play Area The match situation detailed in the Dragon Clash trivia offered several ways to possibly achieve victory, however there was only one means to guarantee it. You were told that the opponent had 0 cards in her Hoard area and only 1 card in her hand. This means you know your opponent MUST be holding her Dragon Egg card.

The temptation, especially after drawing a third Tail Bash attack, may be to use Tail Bash and it's bonus effect to force your opponent to discard her Dragon Egg. This would earn you the win. However, because Tail Bash uses your Melee rating vs. your opponent's Body rating, and both are rated at 2, you would have to count on out drawing your opponent to hit.
Your DeckIf you chose to Age as one of your actions, then (as an Elder Wyrm) you would get to peek at your deck and see that the "getting out drawn" concern is warranted. Your next draw, after paying the 3 Essence cost, would have been a 2. Certainly no guarantee.

Let's look at our other option: Inferno Breath, which pits your Breath rating of 3 vs. your opponent's Resist rating of 1. Your opponent has 11 cards in her deck, plus the 1 in her hand. This means you would have to do 12 damage to win the game this turn. Conveniently a Rank 2 Inferno Breath does 7 damage AND an additional 5 damage as its bonus effect. Perfect. The problem is your Inferno Breath attack is only Rank 1.
Your Dragon Not a problem. Going back to your Age action, you would have noticed that you have two cards in your deck that increase Ranks. Your Gift: Bloodlust and a second Inferno Breath card. As the conclusion of your Age action, as an Elder Wyrm, you could take either of those cards.

This is the second potential "trap" in our trivia. The quick temptation is to just grab the second Inferno Breath and then play it as your second Action. It'd give you the two Ranks you need to do the 12 damage. The problem is, again, that it doesn't guarantee you'll actually hit with the attack.
If you took the second Inferno Breath from your deck and drew the top 5 cards to pay for the Essence cost of attack, that would leave you drawing the last card in your deck - the Gift: Bloodlust card with a Battle Value of 4. Even with your 3 Breath rating, you would only max out at a value of 7 there. If your opponent draws a 6 and adds her 1 in Resist rating, she'd also get a 7. Ties go to the defender, and you'd miss. No guarantee there.

So, what is the correct solution? When you Age, draw the Gift: Bloodlust card instead and play it. This increases the Ranks of your Inferno Breath AND Tail Bash attacks, but more importantly it leaves the second Inferno Breath (with its Battle Value of 6) in your deck.

Now, when you attack with Inferno Breath, and after you spend the 5 Essence, you are left drawing a 6 for your Battle Value instead of 4. Adding your Breath rating of 3, you get a total of 9. Even if your opponent draws a 6, she doesn't have the Resist rating to withstand your attack. Guaranteed hit - 12 damage - victory!

To Summarize:

Stay in Close Range - you can't afford to spend the Essence to move to Distant.
Age as your first action and select Gift: Bloodlust.
Play Gift: Bloodlust as your second action.
Attack with Inferno Breath and win!
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