The following is the solution to our second Dragon Clash trivia. If you want to puzzle out the trivia for yourself, turn back now! Still here? Let's solve it!

Your Hand The trivia set-up allowed you to choose from three possible solutions, but only one would grant you a defensive victory. You could have used the Reckless Attack counter, the Bitter Chomp counter, or the Constrict counter.

Let's start with Bitter Chomp, as this was the easiest option to eliminate. If you could guarantee your opponent would miss his attack, it'd be a great card to play in this trivia set-up. Your opponent only has his Dragon Egg left in-hand, and Bitter Chomp could force him to discard it, immediately granting you victory.
Of course the key here is "if". His magic rating is already higher than your Will rating, granting him combat advantage. Add to this that you know your next Battle Value draw is a 2, and your opponent would have to pull a 1 for your Bitter Chomp to activate.

The second option, Reckless Attack, was the "bait" answer. Reckless Attack makes your opponent's attack automatically miss if a Battle Value draw is 1 or 2. Since the trivia set-up told you that you could predict your next Battle Value draw was 2, you knew that your Reckless Attack would activate. That seems perfect. Your opponent misses and blows 4 cards attempting the attack. As an added bonus, your opponent's Slayers card would drop him to only his Dragon Egg card entering your turn. This means you could simply pass on your turn, and Slayers would grant you victory. Ah, but the challenge was to win on THIS turn, while on defense, not your next turn.

Slayers EventThe correct answer then is using the Constrict counter. Contrict allows you to spend 5 essence (i.e. cards) to force your opponent to discard a card. This means after playing your counter and spending the 5 cards to activate it, you would only have your own Dragon Egg left.

You may have been scared away from this option by your opponent's Slayers card. That card would force you to discard your Dragon Egg at the end of the current turn, costing you the game.

Good thing the counter resolves before then End Turn phase! Since it does, your dragon's Constrict counter would force your opponent to discard his Dragon Egg before Slayers attack and force you to discard your own. Victory!

To Summarize:

Play Constrict Counter
Spend the 3 cards remaining in your deck, and discard Reckless Attack and Bitter Chomp
Force opponent to discard the one card in his hand, his Dragon Egg!
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